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Making the World a Beautiful Place

Making the World a Beautiful Place

Mad Hippie Staff Gift Drive

“At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” - Albert Schweitzer

Sure we make skin care, but that’s just the beginning. Our underlying commitment is to increasing beauty around the world. And, we don’t mean beauty from the esthetic standpoint. We mean real beauty. The beauty of Love. The beauty of health. The beauty of self confidence. The beauty of optimism. The beauty of community. The beauty of taking care of one another regardless of gender, race, orientation, age, location, or even species. From helping inspire people to make healthier choices, to raising awareness and support for social causes & the environment. Mad Hippie is committed to a brighter, better tomorrow. We are, afterall, hippies on a mission.


Through a coordinated effort of our small team at Mad Hippie HQ, we were able to provide holiday gifts to over 150 children and teenagers in our local foster care system this year. Much of our success here at Mad Hippie is a direct result of deliberate communication, coordination and collaboration amongst our diverse staff who complete a wide array of tasks day in and day out. We pride ourselves in accomplishing the goals set before us and continue to deliver results at the highest of standards.

The opportunity to support the underserved youth in our community was embraced by every member of our team. In a short amount of time, we huddled together to figure out ways we could best provide a sense of community and care for these youth this holiday season. As we spread the word amongst our community, our offices flooded with gifts in response to the wishes of the foster youth. As of Dec. 22nd 2020, we have delivered hundreds of gifts to foster group homes and caseworkers throughout the Portland metro area, ensuring a bit of holiday cheer for those who so often go without. A special thank you goes out to our contacts at the Department of Human Services and everyone who joined our efforts this year in upholding our mission of “Making the world a beautiful place”.  

Happiest of Holidays to you all!


The Mad Hippie Team