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Our Story...

We were young, newly married, starry-eyed dreamers yearning for adventure.  With hearts filled with wanderlust, we packed our life into two suitcases, and moved to Central America. We fell in love with the simplicity of life in a place that rises and sets with the sun - a place where tides, not traffic, determine the course of your day.  And, Sam found instant passion that led him to the water every day.
Life was good, but our skin started to suffer the consequences of hours in the equatorial sun. Driven by a passion for simplicity, clean ingredients, and a desire to create naturally-based, effective skincare that could serve our fellow community of adventurers, explorers, and dreamers, Mad Hippie was born.
Mad Hippie has given us the opportunity to create the kind of company that we dreamed of - one that is forward thinking with regard to sustainability, one that listens to its customers, and one that gives back. 
team mad hippie
We are inspired daily by our amazing team of fellow hippies, who through hard work & dedication, help turn this dream into a reality.  Without them, Mad Hippie would never be. 
- Sam & Dana