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Which Nighttime Serum is Best for You - Vitamin A Serum or Exfoliating Serum?

Take Your Pick: Which Nighttime Serum is Best for You?  
Wondering how to choose between our two nighttime serums - the Vitamin A Serum and the Exfoliating Serum?
Exfoliating Serum

We recommend the Exfoliating Serum for skin brightening thanks to a radiance-boosting ingredient called gigawhite, a blend of organically grown alpine plant extracts that helps to reduce the appearance of discoloration. We also add peptides and niacinamide to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This serum provides gentle exfoliation through a mix of lactic and glycolic acids (10%) and is a nice option for most skin types, although it's best to avoid if you have rosacea as the alpha hydroxy acids may cause flare-ups.  

Vitamin A Serum


The Vitamin A Serum is wonderful for smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is a must for aging skin. It features a unique form of vitamin A called HPR that does not require metabolic steps to convert into a usable form of vitamin A. If you're hoping to improve skin texture, give this serum a try.
A couple of things to remember: We encourage customers to choose between these two serums and apply either one or the other immediately after cleansing at night. You can also alternate their use nightly if you are seeking the benefits of both serums. As with any product that exfoliates, it is important to wear sunscreen and protect your skin during the day. For our customers with sensitive skin, be sure to patch test these serums first to ensure you choose the serum that feels right for your skin.
Feel free to connect with us if you have questions; we're here to help!

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