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Pollinator Partnership: Our 2019 Giving Tuesday Recipient

We’ve had an incredibly busy week here at Mad Hippie headquarters! It began with our annual Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale. Our small, but mighty team found themselves amidst stacks of cardboard boxes, tidy piles of tissue paper, and bins filled with products, all while working hard to fulfill hundreds upon hundreds of web orders (thank you!). We finally made it to the end of the week, which is perfect timing for celebrating this year’s Giving Tuesday recipient!

Giving Tuesday is often quietly shuffled to the sidelines considering it falls on the tail end of highly anticipated pre-season holiday sales. And trust us, we love a good sale! But, we also love giving back to the community. Throughout the year, we donate to organizations across the globe who align with our ethos. A few months ago, we learned about an incredible group called Pollinator Partnership.

Formed in 1997, Pollinator Partnership’s mission is to “promote the health of pollinators - critical to food and ecosystems - through conservation, education, and research”.

Pollinators such as birds, bees, and butterflies are integral to sustaining our ecosystems and ensuring we have food to eat. These tiny creatures are increasingly in danger and need our support. With programs such as National Pollinator Week and Bee Friendly Farming, Pollinator Partnership is helping to add natural habitat areas into farm systems, educate communities on the right plants to plant to ensure healthy pollination, and encourage us all to make efforts for positive change.

Through working closely with scientists and research partners to study pollination, Pollinator Partnership has found that conservation techniques are indeed successful. We couldn’t be happier to have chosen this organization as our 2019 Giving Tuesday recipient. Please take a peek at their website to learn more about them and donate if you're able; it is the giving season after all!

From our team here at Mad Hippie, we wish you all a lovely holiday season. We're grateful for everyone who supported us this year! Thank you!