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Sustainability Tips for 2020

We're nearly a full month into the new year and with that often comes a reset and focus on positive change. We're here to help with our favorite tips for reducing your footprint on the planet.

Shop with reusable bags. Compared to plastic bags, canvas bags are comfortable to carry, hold more, last longer, can be tossed in the wash, and are usually pretty inexpensive. If you sew, you can make your own! Many grocery stores give customers a small discount for bringing their own bags. It may only be five cents per bag, but that incentive adds up over the course of a year.

Reusable produce and bulk food bags are easy swaps too. Lots of companies are even making zipper-style bags from sustainable materials like food-grade silicone. If you have farmers markets or grocery co-ops in your area, these are ideal places for buying items in bulk with little to no packaging. If your local shop allows it, bring glass jars from home and fill them with bulk goodies like grains and beans.

Take advantage of our TerraCycle program. Back in August, we launched a recycling program with TerraCycle - an amazing company that partners with eco-minded brands to offer free recycling programs to customers in the US. Their forward-thinking approach to recycling keeps packaging waste out of landfills and gives it new life. 

Our partnership with TerraCycle includes all plastic packaging components (no glass, paper, or cardboard) from the Mad Hippie line. Simply sign up through TerraCycle ( to receive a free, zero-waste, pre-paid envelope and then fill it with your empty, cleaned out Mad Hippie plastic packaging (bottles, pumps, plastic seals, sprayers, and caps) and drop in the nearest USPS mailbox. Be sure to fill your envelope with as much Mad Hippie packaging as you can fit to further reduce the carbon footprint (ideally several months worth of product packaging in one envelope). We made a super cute how-to video on our website:


Conserve water. Conversing water can be as simple as waiting to do your laundry until you have a full load, taking shorter showers, and turning the water off when you brush your teeth or hand wash the dishes. While you are at it, try washing your laundry with cold water instead of hot. You will save more energy and your clothes will be just as squeaky clean.

Go paperless. Reduce paper waste and clutter in your mailbox by opting for paperless billing. Often in these circumstances, you can choose automatic payments too, so you won't have to worry about late payments. Payroll companies offer paperless pay stubs. Even grocery stores, libraries, restaurants, and retail stores are getting on board by emailing receipts instead of printing them.

Drive less. While this is much easier for folks who live in cities, there are still plenty of ways to reduce congestion on the road. Riding a bike is a fun way to get some exercise while lowering your impact on the environment. Lots of sizable cities are implementing bike share programs which give people affordable, short-term bike rentals. If the area you live in is walk-friendly, why not walk more often when you run errands? Take public transportation. Carpool or rideshare. A simple way to drive less is to combine your errands into one trip. Plan ahead whenever possible.


Happy 2020, hippies!