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Men need happy, healthy skin too!

Thicker. Oilier. Hairier. This pretty much sums up the effect of testosterone on the skin. This important hormone has many effects on the male body, including on the endocrine and reproductive systems, however, the effects of testosterone on the skin are often overlooked.  The deeper layer of skin, called the dermis, is about 20% thicker in male skin with more collagen, more hair follicles and more sebum production. As a result, men are less prone to fine lines and more prone to deeper folds caused by repeated facial expressions.

Many men also contend with the side effects of shaving which can slough off the top layer of skin cells. While exfoliation is an important part of any skin care routine, shaving can expose a more sensitive layer of skin that's prone to irritation. 

With these skin concerns in mind, we are here to remind and encourage men to show their skin some love and treat themselves to a skincare routine that they enjoy - one that keeps their skin hydrated and protected!

First step, find a soothing and hydrating cleanser. Cleansing with a low pH cleanser like the Mad Hippie Cream Cleanser prevents moisture loss caused by harsh surfactants found in many cleansers and helps calm irritated skin that can result from shaving.

Restoring moisture to freshly shaved skin is also of critical importance. The men here at Mad Hippie love caring for their skin with our beloved Vitamin C Serum! This serum incorporates hyaluronic acid to hydrate, chamomile to soothe, and a hefty dose of vitamin C! For drier skin types, try mixing it with a little Antioxidant Facial Oil - a blend of nourishing oils and antioxidants to restore moisture to parched and irritated skin!

Cleanse, moisturize, protect! Our motto applies to all skin types! 

Try this Mad Hippie routine!

Cream Cleanser- wash in the AM and PM

Vitamin C Serum - use in the morning under your sunscreen

Facial SPF - rain or shine!

Antioxidant Facial Oil - moisturize after you cleanse & before you hit your pillow at night!

Be in touch with any questions or concerns!

Cheers to happy, healthy skin. 

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