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Avery Orendorf



Avery Orendorf (@averyodesign) is a self-taught muralist from Austin, TX. Her work is imbued with a sense of joy -  a reflection of the artist herself. Avery’s hand-painted and hand-drawn graphics utilize clean line work, strong color combos and repeating patterns to create intricate but simple art pieces with a deep story potential. Her work is made for creative spaces, both on walls and on pages (and now on packaging). 

$1 from every sale of Vitamin C Serum from the artist series with Avery's work will go directly to Oceana, a non-profit committed to protecting the world's oceans through direct policy-oriented and science-based campaigns. Their goal is to increase biodiversity and protect ocean habitats.

Checkout the Artist Series here! 

See more of Avery's amazing art -