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Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter Skin Care Tips

Snowfall on Mad Hippie Product

Without feeling the sunbeams and warm breezes of summer on our faces, it’s easy to forget that
not all skin damage happens on the beach or in the garden. The dry and cold weather of winter,
not to mention circulated indoor air, can wreak havoc on our skin. Hydrated and supple skin can
easily become parched and cracked before the first leaves fall off the trees without the right
routine in place.

Routines that incorporate oils rich with antioxidants, serums that treat skin issues that may arise
and a thicker night cream that will keep your skin protected throughout the night are essential
this time of year. From our moisturizing and pH-balancing Cream Cleanser to the rich and
deeply hydrating treatment of our Triple C Night Cream, Mad Hippie’s Hydrating Routine is a
daily routine that will keep your skin glowing and healthy throughout this season (and any

But remember sun damage, the root cause of over 90% of what we consider to be skin aging,
still happens in cold weather, through cloud cover, and especially on a crisp and snowy day so
make sure to keep applying your mineral-based sunscreen for protection!

A few more tips to ensure the skin peeking out under that cozy hat and above that fluffy scarf is
looking happy and healthy this time of year:

  • Add a humidifier, or even an essential oil diffuser to your bedroom, for added moisture in the air while you’re getting your beauty sleep.
  • Exfoliating is still important as it will remove dry and dead skin and help moisturizers penetrate, but go easy with strong physical exfoliants on skin that may be dry or chapped. This is a great time to try out alpha hydroxy acid based serums like our Exfoliating Serum or our newly launched Microdermabrasion Facial.
  •  Don’t use hot water on your face, we know it feels good but it only adds to surface dehydration. Try lukewarm water instead. And, keep those showers short and sweet!
  •  Don’t neglect the top of your hands. We love to use any leftover product we’ve applied to our face and neck to the tops of our hands; it’s a win-win!
  •  Remember to take a step down with your concealer color if you need to.

Whether you are bundled up around a Christmas tree, a Yule log, a wood-burning stove or your
favorite candle, ‘tis the season for COZY. Enjoy it!