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Have Skin Discoloration? - Try our Exfoliating Serum

Have Skin Discoloration? - Try our Exfoliating Serum

Skin discoloration is most often caused by sun damage.  When one spends too much time out in the sun, it can damage our melanin producing skin cells, melanocytes.  These melanocytes can then become overactive and start overproducing melanin in specific spots.  This leads to small, discolored areas of the skin.  

Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum

Mad Hippie makes a variety of products that can help with sun damage and discoloration.  One of the best though is our Exfoliating Serum, which has gigawhite, a blend of organically grown alpine plants.  Gigawhite works to inhibit tyrosinase, a precursor to melanin, and by doing so, inhibits the overproduction of melanin by damaged melanocytes.  

Our Exfoliating Serum also features alpha hydroxy acids, which help to gently slough off old damaged skin cells, leaving fresh, bright skin in its place.  We use a blend of glycolic acid and lactic acid in our serum, in a 10% concentration - the max recommended by the FDA.

While Mad Hippie's skin care products can help reduce the appearance of discoloration, it is important that one wear a physical blocking sunscreen daily.  The sun tends to re-activate damaged melanocytes, and can re-darken discolored areas. 

Here's to healthy skin!