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Giving Thanks During the Holiday Season!

Giving Thanks During the Holiday Season!

All we can say is WOW!  This last weekend was a wild ride - and we want to thank our many customers for making it a record breaking Black Friday to Cyber Monday here at Mad Hippie!   


Our warehouse team has been working around the clock to get everyone's skin care products out fast.  And, given the holiday weekend, we just wanted to take a moment to give thanks!

We want to thank our customers, without whom we wouldn't be here!  We take great pride in the facial care we make and are honored with each purchase a customer makes.  We know there are many choices out there, and to have such a great base of customers is something we are extremely grateful for.

We want to thank our amazing team here at Mad Hippie that not only dedicate their bodies to our cause, but their minds and hearts!  We have a great, diverse group working here at our headquarters in Portland, as well as reps around the country and globe!  Without all of whom, we could never succeed in our goal of sharing our natural skin care products with the world!

We want to thank our friends and families for their ongoing support and love!  We were lucky enough to get to spend some time this Thanksgiving with some of them, but for those we weren't physically present with, or those no longer with us, we send our good vibes, love and gratitude.

We want to thank the elephants in Africa whom we experience profound joy in helping through our monthly donations of $1 from every websale.  The joy we get from the updates of our contributions helping their welfare far exceeds any monetary contribution we could ever give.

It feels good to just take a moment and think of all the things we are grateful for!  Thanks to you, for being a part of it all :)