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Five Easy Ways to Repurpose Our Glass Bottles

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We receive lots of messages from our consumers every week (Did you know 
you can connect with us? We love hearing from YOU!).  One of the 
questions that's been popping up quite a bit recently surrounds our 
glass bottles and what to do with them once their beloved contents have 
been used up.  Trust us, we get it!  With the zero waste/low waste 
movement gaining more popularity, and plenty of cities across the globe 
reducing the accessibility or possibility of recycling certain 
materials, it can be really frustrating to figure out what to do with a 
growing collection of serum and cleanser bottles without feeling guilty 
about our eco footprint on the planet.


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We have some very exciting news coming up in a few months that focuses 
on our packaging and recycling (we can't wait to share!), but that 
doesn't mean we still can't find ways to repurpose those golden amber 
bottles. If you're seeking some creative inspiration, we're here for 
you! Take a peek at our top 5 favorite ways to repurpose our glass 
packaging (make sure to wash out your bottles + their components really 
well before proceeding):

*For eco-friendly tips on removing labels, click here

#1 Condiment Bottles
A majority of folks who work at the Mad Hippie warehouse bring their 
lunches to work. We're guessing lots of our customers appreciate 
home-packed meals too. Why not turn an empty serum bottle into a cute 
container for salad dressing? It's the perfect size for a hearty 
lunch-sized salad. Fill it with a homemade concoction or one of your 
favorite store-bought dressings and pour over a bowl of veggies and 
leafy greens. Or, fill it with a zippy hot-sauce and drizzle it over 
your bean burrito. Or, perhaps you're a breakfast-for-lunch kind of 
person and want a touch of maple syrup on your granola bowl. Whatever 
condiment it is that peps up your meals, our serum bottles are a 
reliable little vessel.

#2 Homemade Potions
As a kid, I definitely sat in my closet secretly mixing beauty potions 
into cups. A little bit of this shampoo + a little bit of that 
conditioner + a touch of my mom's expensive lotion + a spritz (or 
several spritzes) of my older sister's perfume and voila! I had my own 
apothecary business (me and my BFF were the only customers). Bring your 
inner child to the surface and try mixing up your own homemade potions. 
We recommend essential oil blends or refreshing tonics. The serum 
bottles, polishing mask bottles, and cleansing oil bottles are the ideal 
size + the cap that fits the polishing mask bottles fits the other two 
as well.

#3 Bulk Products
If you're lucky enough to live near a co-op or health food store with a 
bulk section for home and beauty, try filling your empty Cream Cleanser 
bottles with your favorite bulk shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, dish 
soap, or body lotion. This tip is doubly powerful because it helps 
eliminate the need to purchase new packaging for common household 
products. Plus, you can purchase the exact amount you need.

#4 Camping/Traveling
Immersing ourselves in the outdoors or traveling to new places is 
integral to sustaining our wellness. A camping trip with friends or a 
quick weekend jaunt to an unknown city can be just what we need to 
decompress. If you have a collection of Mad Hippie empties, fill them up 
with your travel essentials (shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, shower 
gel, etc.) to take with you on your next adventure. With the exception 
of our Cream Cleanser bottles, the other glass bottles in our line are 
TSA-approved sizes.

#5 Plants
At Mad Hippie we are plant fanatics!  Our glass jars make 
super cute holders for delicate little flowers, buds, plants, and herbs. 
Tie a pretty strip of ribbon, or glue a piece of fabric around the 
middle of a jar to add a personal touch, then line your windowsill with 
your own little garden!

Of course, there are tons of creative options not mentioned here. No 
matter which methods you choose for repurposing your bottles, we are 
grateful that our consumers are making healthier choices for themselves 
and the planet.

Stay tuned for our upcoming post revealing BIG news!