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Recycling Program - TerraCycle

We're excited to be partnering with TerraCycle! If you aren't familiar, TerraCycle is an amazing recycling company that partners with eco-minded brands to offer recycling programs to customers. Their forward-thinking approach to recycling keeps packaging waste out of landfills and gives it new life. We are absolutely thrilled to be teamed up with them and hope you are too!

What does this mean for Mad Hippie customers?

Our partnership with TerraCycle is available to customers within the continental USA & includes all plastic packaging components (no glass, paper, or cardboard) from the Mad Hippie line. Simply sign up through TerraCycle to receive a free, zero-waste, pre-paid envelope and then fill it with your empty, cleaned out Mad Hippie plastic packaging (bottles, pumps, plastic seals, sprayers, and caps) and drop in the nearest USPS mailbox. Please fill the envelope with as much Mad Hippie packaging as you can fit to further reduce the carbon footprint (ideally several months worth of product packaging in one envelope).  
That's it!

What packaging components can I send to TerraCycle?

Great question! We know it can be confusing to sort through packaging so we've compiled a list + included a video at the top of this page to help guide you. Please note that this free program is for Mad Hippie plastic packaging only.

-Jelly Cleanser tubes

-Vitamin C Toning Mist bottles, sprayers, caps, and seals

-Face Cream bottles, tubes, and caps

-Eye Cream tubes and caps

-Pumps from Cream Cleanser bottles (not the glass bottles)

-Pumps and caps from Cleansing Oil bottles (not the glass bottles)

-Dropper tops from serum bottles (not the glass bottles - also please remove the glass pipette from dropper top)

-Plastic seals from all bottles/jars 

-Empty sample packets

-SPF tubes, pumps, and caps


What does TerraCycle do with all the plastic?

Once received, the plastic is sorted, combined with like materials, melted into plastic pellets, and turned into entirely new products - ensuring it's kept out of landfills! It's an incredible system and we're grateful for the opportunity to participate!
We care about the planet and know our customers do too. If you have any questions about this new recycling program, please feel free to connect with us through our website here 


-The Mad Hippie Team