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How to Use

Wondering how to use Mad Hippie products? Here are some suggestions of our favorite skin care routines! 

Skin products laying down



A.M: Wash with lukewarm water and Cream Cleanser, gently pat dry. Apply Hydrating Nutrient Mist to moist skin. Next mix Vitamin C Serum + Antioxidant Facial Oil together in the hand and apply together, rubbing in well.  Lastly add SPF.

P.M:  Wash with lukewarm water and Cream Cleanser or oil cleanse with the Cleansing Oil.  Apply night time serum (either the Exfoliating Serum or Vitamin A Serum). Follow with the Face Cream, then Eye Cream. 

Or, if using the Triple C Night Cream, after cleansing use either the Vitamin A Serum or Vitamin C Serum, follow with the Triple C Night Cream.  If needing extra hydration around the eyes, the Eye Cream can be used before the Night Cream, though for some this might be more hydration than is needed. 

If using the Exfoliating Serum at night, rotate night to night between the Exfoliating Serum and Triple C Night Cream.  

Please note this is just a recommendation.  Some people with dryer skin use the creams 2x daily, or follow creams in the evening with the Antioxidant Facial Oil, so feel free to experiment with what works best for your skin.  Traditionally, after cleansing, skin care products are recommended to be used in the order of thinnest to thickest, with water based products being used before oil based (all leave on products are water based besides our Antioxidant Facial Oil). 



Glowing Skin Routine: (Mist + Vit C + Exf Serum + Face Cream)

Vitamin C, hesperidin and alpha hydroxy acids work in conjunction to bring forth  beautiful skin! Apply Mist to clean skin, followed by Vitamin C, then Face Cream in the morning. At night, after washing, apply Exfoliating Serum followed by Face Cream.


Easily Congested Skin Routine (Mist + Vit C + Facial Oil +  Exf or Vit A Serum)

After washing in the morning, spray Mist into hands, rub in well.  Next mix Antioxidant Facial Oil + Vit C Serum in hand, apply to face.  In the evening after cleansing use either the Vit A Serum or Exfoliating Serum.  Follow with Antioxidant Facial Oil, only if needing extra moisture.  


Deeply Hydrating Night Time Routine (Cleansing Oil + Vitamin A Serum + Triple C Night Cream)

A must-try routine for ultra dry skin! Begin with the Cleansing Oil and, once skin is fully cleansed, follow with the Vitamin A Serum, ensuring that you massage the serum thoroughly into the skin. Apply the Triple C Night Cream to the face and neck and enjoy instantly softer, smoother, more hydrated skin!


Firming Routine: (Vit C + Vit A + Face Cream)

Vitamin A & Vitamin C, plus Face Cream, rich in peptides, keep skin looking firm and hydrated. Apply Vitamin C during the day and Vitamin A Serum at night immediately after washing and drying. Follow with Face Cream.


Antioxidant Boosting Daytime Routine: (Mist + Vit C + Facial Oil + SPF)

Vitamin C, pomegranate seed oil plus plenty of antioxidant power. Apply Mist. Mix 3 drops of Vitamin C Serum with 3 drops of Antioxidant Facial Oil in hand & massage into skin. Follow with SPF.