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eco-packaging, bioresin sugarcane tubes

We are excited to now offer a variety of our products in bioresin sugarcane plastic sourced from environmentally responsible farms!  These bioresin tubes are free of any petroleum ingredients and have a dramatically lower carbon footprint tied to their production.  The growing of the sugarcane also sequesters CO2 from the air, further adding to its benefit and reduction in carbon footprint.

Once manufactured, the bioresin tubes can be fully recycled alongside other plastics in standard recycling facilities, though our preference is that our customers utilize TerraCycle, which Mad Hippie has partnered with, to ensure 100% of our packaging always gets recycled.  

The world's dependence on fossil fuels is one of the main driving agents of humanitarian concerns and political strife, as well as major environmental disasters.  Here at Mad Hippie we are committed to continually finding ways to reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources. 


Are there different types of bioresins?

Yes, there are both biodegradable bioresins, and those that do not biodegrade. 

The issue with the biodegradable plastic is that it can only break down in an industrial composting facility, which most municipalities in the US don't have. What usually happens is they end up finding their way into traditional recycling facilities where they gunk up the machinery and cause issues. 

These biodegradable plastics also have a shorter life span and can start breaking down with product still inside, which is a big concern for products like ours potentially being contaminated by the tube.

The other type of bioresin that we are using, once produced is the exact same as traditional plastic. It can be recycled alongside normal plastics in normal facilities. We ultimately decided to go this route as it had the best upside for our type of product. The sugarcane used in our bottles is grown on sustainable farms and the manufacturing process has an estimated 70% reduction in the carbon footprint of normal plastics, plus contains no petroleum, an obvious major cause of worldwide strife and environmental catastrophes.  

Our bioresin tubes can be recycled in standard facilities as well as via Terracycle, which Mad Hippie has proudly partnered with!


What about Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR)?

We also looked at PCR for our tubes, which is another potentially good option for more sustainable packaging.  The issue we found is that PCR usually ends up being shipped back across the ocean to China to be reused, then all the way back to the US. The carbon footprint is pretty large when considering the great distance traveled. 


We think the reality is that none of these solutions are yet perfect, but they are all a clear step in the right direction toward greater sustainability.  We will continue to look for further ways to minimize our impact on the planet and give back to others working toward making our home a better place. 

Here's to a brighter, better tomorrow!


*Mad Hippie is a proud member of TerraCycle

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