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The Importance of Choosing Natural Skin Care

While we love creating skin care products, we love helping people make healthy choices even more!  We are in the midst of what we see to be the green revolution- a time in which consumers are becoming more and more mindful of their purchasing choices.  The move toward a more natural and organic-based diet was the first part of this revolution. We are now in a new phase in which consumers are realizing that the same scrutiny needs to be applied to that which we put on our bodies as in our bodies.

In many countries, such as Canada and the EU, products undergo extensive evaluation to ensure that they meet stringent safety guidelines to protect the individual consumer.  Unfortunately, in the US, the FDA does not have nearly a rigorous enough standard with regard to skin care, and allow many unsafe ingredients to be used in personal care products....with many of these products even being sold as "premium" to the customer. 

Because of this lack of oversight and protective measures, consumers are left with no choice but to educate themselves on the products they use on a daily basis.  However, without a degree in chemistry & biology it can be difficult!  

We feel that one of the best ways to ensure that you are purchasing clean, safe personal care products (outside of earning a degree) is to shop in natural grocers and coops where the retailers go to great lengths to ensure all the products on their shelves are safe.  When simply shopping at a traditional retailer or grocer in the United States, one cannot be assured that all of the skin products offered are free of harmful preservatives, synthetic fragrances, PEGs and petroleum based ingredients, all of which are linked to potential health consequences.

Here at Mad Hippie we see ourselves as not just a company that makes naturally based skin care, but instead a group...or maybe tribe, who share a common goal of helping consumers make healthier choices. 

So, here's to the the new year, and a healthier new you  :)