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Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer Skincare Tips

It’s officially summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, which likely means more time spent outdoors enjoying sunshine and warm breezes! We cherish our time in the outdoors for our mental and physical wellbeing, but we are on a mission to remind everyone to take good care of their skin this summer while enjoying those blissful sunny days! That means finding a skincare routine that you enjoy to keep skin safe in the summer months. These are some of our favorite tips for summer skin health!

  1. Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated year-round is essential, but it’s particularly important during warmer months, so sip, sip, sip away!
  2. Wear protective clothing & accessories. There are lots of cute-n-stylish hats to help shield your face from the sun’s UV rays. We recommend a brimmed hat, a pair of shades and breathable, flowy fabrics for ultimate summer comfort! 
  3. Use sunscreen. We love physical blocking sunscreens here at Mad Hippie, like our Facial SPF which utilizes zinc oxide, a mineral that sits on top of the skin, rather than soaking in, like chemical sunscreens do. The zinc scatters, absorbs, and reflects the sun’s rays to protect you. Reminder: Reapply throughout the day!
  4. Give your skin a boost of antioxidants. Ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, ferulic acid, pomegranate seed oil, hesperidin, and hemp seed extract are featured in our formulas and offer antioxidant support to help nourish, protect, and hydrate skin.

We’ve put all of our favorite summer essentials in an easy to use routine! The  Photo-Protective Daytime Routine features vitamin C, pomegranate seed oil, and our zinc- oxide SPF - and it’s currently 20% off on our website! As always, if you have any questions, please connect with us directly. We’re here to help!

Happy Summer!