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Mad Hippies Photo Protective Daytime Routine including Nutrient Hydrating Mist, Vitamin C Serum, and Antioxidant Facial Oil
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Hello, sunshine lovers - this one’s for you! Fend off sun damage with this simple, antioxidant rich routine featuring Vitamin C, pomegranate seed oil, and zinc oxide to protect from UV damage.


Vitamin C Serum - Our award-winning serum is a harmonious blend of antioxidants that work wonders on improving the overall appearance of the skin!

Antioxidant Facial Oil - Make peace with your inner hippie while hydrating & protecting....Our preservative-free antioxidant oil is truly the most natural way to moisturize.

Facial SPF  - Natural 30+ Facial Sunscreen with zinc oxide - a safe, broad-spectrum physical blocking agent.  Combined with natural antioxidant-rich oils, red raspberry seed oil, avocado oil & carrot seed oil, plus vitamin C + vitamin E + ferulic acid.

Hydrating Nutrient Mist - Effervescent blend of antioxidants and hydrating essentials.  Leaves your skin feeling soft & supple, and ready to take on the daily stresses of modern day life.

Apply Mist. Mix three drops of Vitamin C Serum with three drops of Antioxidant Facial Oil in hand & massage into skin. Follow with SPF.

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